Learn Design Thinking And UX From The Experts

by: POC

September 10, 2019

UX Principle Creating A Great Design, UX Research, Evaluation Technique, And UX Knowledge.
In today’s attention-centered economy, it is more important than ever to engage your users, ensuring your audience can easily access your digital products and services. UX has become the buzzword in the corporate world.

User Experience is a person’s impression of interaction with a product. To build products with the experience that is relevant and also meaningful to users, we must begin to prioritize User Experience Design (UX).

Now, are you interested in UX design, but aren’t sure if it’s right for your needs?
Don’t worry, Proof of Concept in collaboration with UX Specialty have prepared workshops on how to efficiently process in identifying inappropriate designs and how to improve them and it’s FREE. You will be invited to discuss the best practices of the UX process as a model that can be referred to in the development of a product.

Xin Building, 1st Floor, Jalan Kapten Tendean No. 52, Hegarmanah, Kec. Cidadap, Jawa Barat 40141
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This course is run by a professional (Bengris Pasaribu & Hanny Zora Agustina), first Indonesian UX Master From Nielsen Norman Group (A world leader in UX Design & Research from the USA) and also first in ASEAN and Australian. Active as a speaker in the local and global forum, APNOMS, ABC conference, Cloud World Forum, ITU-T, TeleManagementForum, Telkom UX Design Boot Camp & UX Certification, Perkumpulan Ergonomi Indonesia, Kampus, Dilo & UX Specialty.
A lot off (75) digital product already evaluated including e-commerce, financial, media, telecommunications, education, and non-profits. Instructor for Telkom UX Design Boot Camp, Dilo & Trainer in UX Specialty.

Suitable for complete beginners with no previous experience, as well as those who have already started exploring UX design and want to spruce up their skills. Whether you’re designing your own app, looking to improve your design skills or change your career — We are here to help you.
• UX Designers
• Graphic Designers
• Software Developers
• Web Designers
• Product Owners
• Project Managers
• Business Analysts
• Marketing Specialists
• Startup Founders
• Students

a Lot!
• UX Principle: What people think when using a product?
• Recognize design errors and propose improvement recommendations
• How to understand the UX process and its implementation
• Understanding product design evaluation techniques
• Distinguish usability testing techniques and heuristic evaluation
• How to get UX certification
• UX research & evaluation technique to identification the bad design
• UX Knowledge: Scope of UX knowledge

It’s fun, it’s interactive, you will meet interesting people to exchange ideas and experiences with, you will practice the methods that will help you develop and improve your UX strategy.
Join us at our workshop and find out what a career at UX will be like.